So many shows, so little time…

This tantalizing note showed up on the Orchid Digest List:

To anybody interested and able to come !

The Austrian Orchid Society announces the 4th International Orchid Show in Vienna, Austria organized together with the "Flower Gardens of the City of Vienna", the Botanican Garden Vienna and various other institutions.

The show will be held from 5th of March 2005 till 13th of March 2005, open daily 9:00 to 17:00 hours.

As fitting for an international Orchid Show many renowned nurseries – from Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary – will attend the show and exhibit plants as well as offer orchid species and orchid hybrids for sale.

Oh, oh oh!! I’ve never been to Vienna….

"Repeat: I mustn’t be greedy, I mustn’t be greedy… "