Orchid Olympics

Titre_rSaturday, March 11th marks the beginning of the orchid world’s equivalent of the Olympic Games: The World Orchid Conference 2005. Held every three years in a different international location, the WOC is a gathering of top orchid growers and experts from around the world. This year it is taking place in Dijon, France, and it runs from March 11 – 20th.

Well, you don’t think I’d pass up an opportunity to go to this thing, do you? It’s in my neck of the woods, after all. On Wednesday I take a train from Munich to Dijon, for a trip I’ve been looking forward to for almost a year. The WOC is more than a just a conference; besides the great many lectures by international orchid experts, there is also an orchid show and sales area with vendors and exhibitors from all over the world. 250,000 people are expected to attend.

As an unexpected bonus, the world famous "Florissimo" show is taking place at the same time, in the same building — a show that is renowned for its gigantic exhibitions of tropical plants.

So, I hereby declare this orchid week on my blog: All orchids, all news, all the time. 🙂