Entitled, “Return of the Borchid Ripper”

Orchids are amazing things, and at a certain point you have to wonder if they’re evidence of some kind of cosmic sense of humour.

Thanks, National Geographic:

July 17, 2007—It may look enticing, but this “female wasp” (left) is all stalk.

That’s because this temptress is actually a recently discovered hammer
orchid, a flower that has evolved to resemble the body of a female
wasp. Hapless male wasps are lured to land on—and thus pollinate—the

“All stalk”. Bwaa ha ha ha.

Eco-sensational idea

It’s been a while since I’ve had an entry for the “Naked Naturalists” category, so I was very pleased with an email I received today from the Vanpermaculture mailing list.

There is a new buzzword, apparently, and it’s called “Eco-sensual living”. Some journalist who specialises in the “growing field of eco-design” is going to give a talk in Vancouver next weekend on “how people can create a space for luxurious, restful sleep and passionate play that does not sacrifice their health or the environment.”

Hey, I’m not knocking it. I’m all for stopping the polar ice caps from falling into the ocean. But c’mon, is this for real? What is she going to do, tell people to make love with the lights off? Or to use a little less hot water in the bubble bath?

Hey, a gal’s got to make a buck. I’ll give her that.

Not this time…

The headline read:

Greenpeace to UN: No More Bare Bottoms!

Security was tight and fidgety. The cameras were ready to record the moment. Our Greenpeace activist was camouflaged to blend in to her surroundings. She had borne witness to an environmental crime: the bulldozing of fragile ocean seamounts. And she was in the presence of people who could do something about it. At the appointed moment, she leapt into the spotlight to demand action, not words.

I bit. It held promise of some kind of mass disrobing — perhaps mooning of delegates, or a streaker — and I felt sure that here was more fodder for my “naked naturalists” collection.

Bummer. Not a flash of skin to be had, it’s serious stuff about fishing trawlers ripping up the floor of the ocean.

Worthwhile read, in spite of the false advertising.

Defending nature au naturel

Environmental protesters really do seem to be putting a whole new spin on the concept of dedicating bodies to the cause of science. First, the Victoria’s Secret campaign, then the Fuck for Forest folks (and their waffles), and now this:

Link: Two protesters defend nature au naturel: South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

A luncheon meeting of The Scripps Research Institute board of directors at The Breakers resort was stripped of all decorum Monday when two topless women surprised the diners in the Seafood Bar with a 30-second chant to protest the science center’s planned expansion to a Palm Beach County wetlands area.

"Nature yes, biotech no," sang out Lynne Purvis and Veronica Robleto, both 24, who described themselves as environmental activists from Lake Worth. Those words also were painted on their bodies.

…Police issued the women a warning against trespassing.

The pair might have made a clean getaway had they not had to valet-park their car. "There were no free spaces available," Purvis said.

Demonstrating once again, that cars are bad for the environment.

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How far would YOU go to save the world?

Hmmm, there’s a theme emerging here… this morning’s favourite news item comes from The Grist Magazine ("Hard-hitting news, thought-provoking features, and inspiring profiles"). It talks about a randy young Swedish couple who are "going all the way" to raise money to save the planet through their paid-subscription Website, (cover your eyes, Granny, this ain’t a work-friendly link) "Fuck for Forest":

Since this past winter, when Johansson and Ellingsen started the site (with seed money from the Norwegian government), Fuck for Forest has gained considerable notoriety in the European environmental community. In July, the group won both friends and enemies around the world after making a special appearance at Quart, an outdoor music festival in Kristiansand, Norway.

The couple climbed onstage during the performance of a band called (what else?) the Cumshots. "How far are you willing to go to save the world?" said Ellingsen, who then proceeded to go all the way for about 10 minutes in front of an audience of several thousand.


Naturally, this wildly successful publicity stunt sent the mainstream environmental groups scurrying to distance themselves from the pair (though, perhaps, not their money). However, one supporter makes this interesting point:

"We live in a world where public sex is considered far more controversial than wholesale ecological destruction."

Their Website bares (among other things) several grievances over the reaction to their stunt, including a complaint that they were thrown off the premises of the music festival on the last day by organizers who feared a repeat performance. I quote:

"We had done our Quart sex stunt; does the Quart festival believe that we need to fuck all the time?? Sometimes we just want to watch a nice concert and eat a waffle."

Ahhh. This made my day.