Brainy Behaviour in the Vegetable World

Link: Plants do some very clever things.

Biologists are just now coming to the conclusion that plants are kind of intelligent, in a green growing thing kind of way:

To make smart choices, plant genes must take in multiple cues from their environment – light, temperature, moisture, gravity, etc. – and assemble them into a meaningful whole. That’s a rudimentary version of the way an animal’s brain integrates various signals from its eyes, ears, fingers and stomachs.

The article cites several examples of intelligent activity. I found this one kind of interesting:

When a plant is blown by the wind, flipped over or its roots are disturbed by an animal, specific genes responsible for keeping the plant stable” and roots growing respond very quickly, often within one minute of the disturbance…

I personally believe in talking to plants — I stand over mine in an intimidating manner and yell, “Grow!!! Grow!!!”. But after reading this article, I think I’ll give that up and just start blowing on them.

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