Paying the price for cheap food

Interesting article in today’s BBC about the impact of industrial farming on Poland, a pristine country that is unique in Europe for its environmental health and traditional farming methods.

As the newest member of the EU, Poland is quickly being exploited by foreign-owned conglomerates in order to provide cheap food for supermarkets in the rest of Europe.

“The price on the shelf is only part of the real price – there are other costs which are difficult to pay,” said Mr Kryda (Marek Kryda of the Animal Welfare Institute).

“You have the environmental costs, like liquid manure which causes pollution. Then you have the farm neighbours who cannot sell their homes because the stink is so bad – then you have the health problems,” he claimed.

“Small farmers have the whole cost in the price on the shelf, because they are not polluting, not poisoning anyone, not making anyone unemployed. The food is more expensive, but the hidden costs are less.

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