Putting orchids back in the forests

Commercial orchid growers from America are working with Costa Rica’s Monteverde Conservation League (MCL) to re-introduce native orchid species to the wild.

We found both Cattleya skinneri (the national flower) and Cattleya dowiana in full bloom as we traveled the countryside, and it was nothing short of a religious experience. …Much to our surprise, however, the orchids were not growing in the cloud forests along with the other impressive and diverse biological varieties as we were expecting. Instead, the cattleyas had been removed from the jungle trees and were now blooming in local residents’ yards

…In Costa Rica, laws have been passed recently that make it illegal to collect wild cattleyas. This action, though well-intentioned, is too late, because the plants are almost extinct in the forests.

Kudos to Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc. They’re in business to make money, to be sure, but also because they love orchids.

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