I haunted them ’til they gave up

This post has nothing to do with orchids, nothing to do with gardening whatsoever. I do have a life outside of plants, you know.

And, I am happy to announce that W Network has given in to my relentless email campaign (ok, 1 email) to return BBC’s Most Haunted to prime time. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, it’s an eccentric British television show that takes cameras overnight into some of the most haunted buildings in the British Isles. The squeaks and squeals of its experienced team of fraidy-cat girls are duly recorded, as are the musings of its skeptical paranormal researcher, the half-hearted attempts of stone-faced hangers-on to make contact (“if you can, TRY to show yourself to us”), and the dramatic turns of its colourful psychic and his invisible spirit guide, Sam. The antics of this unintentionally campy crew make me laugh and laugh and laugh, and the history and travelogue aspects ARE kinda interesting.

So imagine my dismay when I settled in for an hour of Most Haunted, and it wasn’t on!! I scoured the television listings, and found it moved to 4:30 AM on Sunday morning. Are they kidding?? My fingers flew to the keyboard in protest, and here is their reply:

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for your email regarding ‘Most Haunted’.

We’re happy to assure you that although ‘Most Haunted’ has recently been pre-empted with special programming, this change is temporary.  You can still experience the chills and thrills of ‘Most Haunted’ … returning on Saturday evenings at 8pm E/P as of February 21, 2004.

… Check out the ‘Most Haunted’ show page or W’s web schedule for more details: http://www.wnetwork.com/tv_shows/shows/most_haunted/index.asp.

Again, thanks for taking the time to write to us.


W Network Viewer Relations Department

Speaking of pre-empted, here’s a little something to get this blog back on topic now that the equilibrium of my life outside of the plant kingdom has been restored: The Ghost Orchid.