Blossom bandits

Homeowners in a California town are being plagued by the theft of blooms and even entire plants from local gardens and yards:

‘The police told me that these people steal plants and flowers and then make them into bouquets or arrangements and sell them,’ Byrne said. ‘Other people use them for decorations at parties and weddings. I guess it’s a fairly common thing.’

The nerve of some people is beyond belief. Even my church, St. Stephen-in-the-Fields on College Street West, suffers from this kind of attention. It has gone on so long, parishioners have practically given up trying to keep the garden along the front of the building looking pretty. New plants generally last less than a week before someone in the neighbourhood digs them up and takes them home; some have had the the cheek to dig up half a plant, probably thinking they weren’t doing something quite so bad if they left a bit for the rest of us. I’ve been tempted to sneak in some poison ivy, but I guess that’s not very Christian, is it? 😉 One wonderful lady in the parish hit on the idea of putting native
plants in the garden — grasses, and wildflowers like milkweed. It seems to work; they either grow really fast and fill in the bare spots, or, no one wants them.

I still like my poison ivy idea.