Flower Power in San Francisco

In San Francisco, gay couples are lining up around the block at city hall, waiting anxiously for their turn to get married. The City of San Francisco is issuing same-sex marriage licenses as fast as possible, at the same time waging a courageous court battle against the state of California and right-wing conservatives who want to stop them. Back at city hall, couples turned away at the end of each day leave distraught, afraid that by tomorrow, the opportunity will be lost.

Enter BoingBoing.net, who yesterday picked up on a blog entry by a couple in Minnesota. This couple decided to send a bouquet of flowers to a random couple standing in line, to show their support for the cause. “Wouldn’t that be cool if people from all over the country, gay, straight and otherwise, started sending flowers to the people waiting in line to get married?… ”

Now Darren from Vancouver (“Despite my love of musicals, I’m straight and (what’s more) Canadian. I do believe that any two people, regardless of gender or sexual preference, have the right to civil union. “) has set up a Web site to make it happen. In two days he has collected nearly $3,500 US, and is mobilizing people in San Francisco to deliver bouquets from the San Francisco Flower Market to random couples who are waiting in line to get married.

I donated $15 USD. C’mon folks, send a couple of bucks and a message of love. Never underestimate the power of a flower!