Alberta ‘pot’ turns out to be late-blooming daisies

This article brought me out of my blog slumber.

Alberta ‘pot’ seized by police was late-blooming daisies

Please don’t smoke the daisies.

It turns out that more than 1,600 suspected marijuana plants that a special police squad ripped out of a yard in Lethbridge, Alberta this summer are a species of daisy.

The bust, which was announced with fanfare in July, has homeowner Ryan Thomas Rockman scratching his head over the confusion. Just the same he’s happy the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) has dropped the charge of producing a controlled substance.

My first thought: 1600 plants!! Man, that must have been a beautiful display. I’d go ballistic if that were my garden. My second thought: Daisies? For cripes sakes, how do daisies get confused with marijuana plants? Those cops really need to spend more time in gardens looking at plants – not pulling them out.

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