Orchid Species Enclopaedia

For those of you who are a little more interested in orchids than the average person, here is a site that you’ll probably find invaluable:

The Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopaedia

It was put together by a hobbyist, and though the GUI (user interface) is a dog’s breakfast, the content is solid gold. The data includes not only pictures, but growing conditions, flower size, information on natural habitat, and all kind of other goodies on just about every type of species orchid you can think of.

One thought on “Orchid Species Enclopaedia

  1. Wow Sunshine! The pix from the WOC are just fantastic! Great job! You really captured the essence of some of the flowers on display. — Well, it surely helps to have a great freaking camera (thank you Laird!) —
    Can I use some in my presentations? Do I get the OK from your side of the ocean? Take care! See ya in May!


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