If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em

I’m on a train on my way to the World Orchid Conference in Dijon, so I think that today’s topic is particularly appropriate: The little-known botanical underbelly of French haute cuisine. Yes, there are apparently people who would prefer to eat orchids than look at them. Orchids!! Ok, in terms of eliciting a horrified reaction, it may not be on par with frying up a beloved pooch or kitten, bbbbut… Really!

According to Viateur on the Orchid Digest List (who is a veritable fount of obscure minutiae related to orchids), the Arts-Culinaire.com Website contains the following recipes (try it yourself — type in "orchidĂ©e" in the search field):

  • Truite farcie aux orchidees a l’anis
  • Truites saumonees aux orchidees Snow White
  • Poulet a l’orchidee des Azteques
  • Canard aux orchidees Laelia Ancepi
  • Magrets de canard aux orchidees Laelia Ancepi
  • Tagliatelle aux orchidees Vanda Suavis
  • Rigatoni au four aux orchidees Oncidium Ornithorhynchum
  • Cannelloni au four aux orchidees Gatton Sunray
  • Cannelloni aux orchidees Paphilopedilum Maudiae
  • Cailles aux orchidees Laelia Ancepi
  • Cocotte de poissons aux orchidees Vanda Suavis
  • Paella aux deux orchidees
  • Bison aux orchidees et foie gras
  • Soupe d’orchidees Laelia Gouldiana
  • Melon aux orchidees et roses

I’ll be extra vigilant the next time I invite a foodie over to my house:

Me (in my fantasies):
"Hey George, this is a paph. rothchildianum`Borneo’ FCC/AOS. It’s taken me seven years to coax a bloom out of this magnificent plant. What do you think?".

"mmmmm, delicious."