A New Adventure

I’m all packed, and ready to go. Boy, am I ready to go!! I’ve got an air mattress, a tv, my computer, and my camping gear, and the movers come tomorrow to take what remains of our belongings to my parents’ basement for storage. The apartment is bare. My grow room has been completely dismantled, the only plants left are a couple of big ones (the umbrella plant and a couple of begonias) that someone asked me for but has forgotten to pick up. My orchids are safely tucked away in Jocelyn’s greenhouse for safekeeping (thanks Jo!), except for the Miltonia clowesii x Golden Showers, which is in bloom and I couldn’t bear to part with just yet. I am now regretting that decision, realizing that it’s going to be gracing the dashboard of my car for the next six weeks.

I lost my job at the end of March, in the usual way that big corporations treat people if they think they can get away with it. I am one of several staff who had been on contract for many years, and they realized that the law was breathing down their necks and it was time to give us full-time status with benefits before they got nailed by Employment Standards. However, some of us made more money than they wanted to continue to spend, or had health problems. Their solution in my case was to dream up not particularly coherent reasons to claim that the position didn’t exist anymore, but that they were creating a “new one” that I could apply for “if you want to. But you probably won’t want to.”

After the initial shock wore off, disgust set in, and a grim recognition that yes, this is how big companies and their little people behave – I’ve seen it many, many times before. I was a little taken aback by the amateurish tack (for heaven’s sake, just cough up a settlement and let’s be done with it), but I realized they were trying to get by on the cheap, and have probably gotten away with it before, and what’s more, they needed me to set up the new position before they dumped me. Um, no. My lawyer quickly set things right with a minimum amount of fuss, and I was soon happily on my way with a fairly reasonable severance cheque.

And a decision to join Laird in Germany. We’re both enthusiastic to put an end to the repeated long separations, since his job takes him there much of the year. I’m raring to leave Toronto. I love travelling. I’m a big believer in being grateful for wonderful opportunities that come my way by grabbing them with both hands. So, I’m off. I have a high school reunion to go to in July, so I’m hanging out until then, and flying to Munich after it’s over. Until then, let the couch tour begin. I’ll be camping, visiting friends and relatives. Next weekend I’ll be up in Tobermory, at the Orchid Festival. And I’ll blog my way through it all, every chance I get.

Talk to you all very soon.