Orchids in Munich, Germany

IMG_1120I *finally* loaded my orchid pictures up from my trip to Munich in April. The botanical gardens at Schloss Nymphenburg have the largest collection of orchids in Germany, or so I understand. I couldn’t resist the place — I went back three times, once making the mistake of visiting on a holiday weekend. The place was crawling with people, most notably a large contingent of nuns in full habit.

On one of my weekday visits, an elderly gentleman said something to me in German. I looked quizzically at him, and he turned to his daughter to translate. “You have a radiant smile, my father says”. Ooops, my enthusiasm was showing. I mumbled something about it being impossible not to smile in a place like this, and she agreed. But in fact I could not keep my excitement contained. Debbie commented that at one point a crowd gathered around me as I described the interesting reproductive habits of certain orchids to my friends. I was oblivious, wrapped up in my own little world.