Picture time

Here’s the mudroom, newly converted back to a grow room for the winter. I haven’t finished bringing everything inside yet (eek!)

Five phrags, five tags, and I can’t tell them apart. The racoon knocked my orchids over earlier in the summer, and I’ll have to wait until they bloom to re-unite name to plant. I know the one on the front right is a Phrag Schroderae (pretty, huh?), because it’s very slowwwww growing. I bought it in December 2002 as a new division and it has just recently put out a new growth. The phrag behind it has a spike, so one piece of the puzzle will be solved shortly. The four remaining are: Phrag. Eric Young, Phrag. Sedenii “blush”, Phrag. Hanne Popow x Sedenni, and Phrag. sargentianum x (besseae x Grande). I still want a Don Wimber.

Also a picture of my Queen of the Night (epiphyllum oxypetallum), with four big buds that are ready to pop any day now.

The gorgeous Angel Wing Begonia that my friend Carole gave me this summer is doing extremely well. My Spider Plant just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. I pinched a plantlet from an office at Oshawa Centre while I was doing a project there, and THIS is the same plant, 8 years later.