Eco-sensational idea

It’s been a while since I’ve had an entry for the “Naked Naturalists” category, so I was very pleased with an email I received today from the Vanpermaculture mailing list.

There is a new buzzword, apparently, and it’s called “Eco-sensual living”. Some journalist who specialises in the “growing field of eco-design” is going to give a talk in Vancouver next weekend on “how people can create a space for luxurious, restful sleep and passionate play that does not sacrifice their health or the environment.”

Hey, I’m not knocking it. I’m all for stopping the polar ice caps from falling into the ocean. But c’mon, is this for real? What is she going to do, tell people to make love with the lights off? Or to use a little less hot water in the bubble bath?

Hey, a gal’s got to make a buck. I’ll give her that.

Yes, please fret…

Today’s Washington Post article, "The Greening of Evangelicals" (subscription required) opens an intriguing window on the world of American conservative Christians and their attitudes toward environmental issues.

"Evangelicals feel besieged by the culture at large," Ball said. "They don’t know many environmentalists, but they have the idea they are pretty weird — with strange liberal, pantheist views."

Without betraying a hint of irony, the author continues to describe some of the unusual belief systems at work behind this perspective:

"… the return of Jesus and the end of the world are near, so it is pointless to fret about environmental degradation.

James G. Watt, President Ronald Reagan’s first interior secretary, famously made this argument before Congress in 1981, saying: "God gave us these things to use. After the last tree is felled, Christ will come back."

Haggard, the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, concedes that this thinking "is a problem that I do have to address regularly in talking to the common man on the street."

The application of common sense by people like Haggard seems to be unravelling the extremists and pushing this viewpoint more and more into the fringes of that community. The article suggests that despite their extreme wariness of "environmentalists", American conservative Christians are becoming more informed about environmental issues, and more concerned.

The signs of independant thinking among a community that has until now appeared easily manipulated by government and corporate spin is encouraging. It would be good news indeed if they were to shake off their passivity and fret a little.

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Naked farmers and their tools

NakedfarmerFarmers in South Africa are posing naked for charity, and the Transvaal Agricultural Union is shocked:

"The union distances itself from the actions of these
farmers and due to the Christian character of our union, we can not
identify ourselves with it," he said in a statement.

But Mr Blignaut said there was no question of vulgarity, as the eight farmers posed discreetly with farm implements.

Men! If they’re all fat and flabby, no wonder they’re preoccupied with the size of their tools. Ho ho ho.

He said it, not me

This is one very angry blogger:

Has there ever been a more self-absorbed, malevolent and dangerous
society than the United States? Despite living better than any society
in history (and perhaps because of this), their current leadership
refuses to address climate change. This has stymied the action of the
rest of the international community that bear the costs but not the
benefits of profligate energy use. Shame on the U.S.

I’d be too chicken to post something like that on my blog…. 

Not this time…

The headline read:

Greenpeace to UN: No More Bare Bottoms!

Security was tight and fidgety. The cameras were ready to record the moment. Our Greenpeace activist was camouflaged to blend in to her surroundings. She had borne witness to an environmental crime: the bulldozing of fragile ocean seamounts. And she was in the presence of people who could do something about it. At the appointed moment, she leapt into the spotlight to demand action, not words.

I bit. It held promise of some kind of mass disrobing — perhaps mooning of delegates, or a streaker — and I felt sure that here was more fodder for my “naked naturalists” collection.

Bummer. Not a flash of skin to be had, it’s serious stuff about fishing trawlers ripping up the floor of the ocean.

Worthwhile read, in spite of the false advertising.

Defending nature au naturel

Environmental protesters really do seem to be putting a whole new spin on the concept of dedicating bodies to the cause of science. First, the Victoria’s Secret campaign, then the Fuck for Forest folks (and their waffles), and now this:

Link: Two protesters defend nature au naturel: South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

A luncheon meeting of The Scripps Research Institute board of directors at The Breakers resort was stripped of all decorum Monday when two topless women surprised the diners in the Seafood Bar with a 30-second chant to protest the science center’s planned expansion to a Palm Beach County wetlands area.

"Nature yes, biotech no," sang out Lynne Purvis and Veronica Robleto, both 24, who described themselves as environmental activists from Lake Worth. Those words also were painted on their bodies.

…Police issued the women a warning against trespassing.

The pair might have made a clean getaway had they not had to valet-park their car. "There were no free spaces available," Purvis said.

Demonstrating once again, that cars are bad for the environment.

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