Sunlight Lomantica

A lovely yellow floribunda rose is growing in a large pot on my patio. It’s called Sunlight Romantica, a floribunda from the house of Meilland in France. Meilland’s Romantica roses are considered France’s answer to the old English rose, and supposedly blooms better in hot weather than the English David Austin varieties. Makes sense, I guess.

Sunlight Romantica has a gorgeous old-rose style bloom and a heady old-rose scent, which is why I bought it. Roses are fussy prissy things and I normally wouldn’t bother with them, but this one smells heavenly, and blooms continuously. It does have a little bit of black spot but in spite of the cold rainy weather we’ve experienced lately, the plant seems to be fending off serious infection without chemical assistance.

What’s more, this is a rose that has inspired a Japanese man to break into song and post it on You Tube. A German song.