Any low-rent allotment gardens around here?

A few days ago I mentioned the proliferation of allotment gardens here in Germany, and by coincidence I came across an article in the Telegraph by an expat who has actually rented one.

You have to understand, these allotment gardens are no ordinary garden plots. They’re pretty much summer cottages in the middle of the city. I’d post a picture but the grounds are surrounded by double rows of thick shrubbery, and are securely locked up at entrance gates.

I’ve toyed with the idea of renting one myself, but after reading the article I changed my mind. Clubs? Rules? Thousands of euros? Uhh… don’t think so. I’ll stick with my pots and a little guerilla gardening for now.

One thought on “Any low-rent allotment gardens around here?

  1. Hi Sandy,
    Too long since I signed onto your blog. I must do this more often as it is just like sitting down over coffee and yakking with you. You are a beautiful and talented person. Thanks so much for this wonderful read.
    Love Bevy
    your pal from Canada


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