That certain something in the air

The Uk is experiencing an early autumn, after an extraordinarily cold and wet summer. When I was in London at the beginning of July I was very glad I had packed a warm wool sweater.

Adrian Barlow, of English Apples and Pears, said early apple varieties were already being harvested.

“Autumn has definitely come earlier this year,” he said. “We expect varieties like Discovery to be in the shops as soon as next week.

“Later varieties, like Cameo, are already showing really good colour, which is extraordinarily early. Normally we wouldn’t expect to see that until the last week of September.”  (The Telegraph)

We’ve generally had a lovely summer here in Munich, never too uncomfortably hot, lots of sun and plenty of showers to keep things green. But in the last week I’ve noticed a crispness to the air, a faint hint of autumn. I wonder if summer is ending early for us too.