9 lives?

My God. Jake reminds me of that Monty Python plague scene where the guy being dragged away by the body-collectors protests, "But I’m not dead yet!".

When I woke up, I had a very heavy heart. He was on his side, not moving. I walked into the kitchen, and when I came out he was on his feet, a big doggie grin on his face and wagging his tail. He ate with great enthusiasm, then walked smartly – if unsteadily – to the balcony for a wobbily pee. I even managed to get him down the stairs by myself for a *very* short walk. Hmmm. We’d pretty much decided yesterday that Saturday would be the day. Jake may have other ideas.

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One thought on “9 lives?

  1. Bless you both, you’re in some precious days now. Pets are wonderful for teaching us a great lesson of life: you’re only really alive in the present moment. They’re lucky to not be able to guess what the future might be like we are so they don’t dwell on it. And Jake’s lucky to have someone care for him.


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