Hello again

I’m back. It’s been a long cold winter, but I’m happy to report that Jake is doing just fine. He still chases his beloved floppy frisbee, but has finally learned to take it easy. He used to charge after it as though he was four years old, not fourteen, and the inevitable outcome was a tumble and a yelp when the legs gave way under him. He’s much more careful now and doesn’t try to leap in the air and catch it anymore. He seems ridiculously pleased with himself over it.

Apparently humans aren’t alone when it comes to feeling like their youth is trapped in aging bodies. Border collies feel it too.

The birds are back. It seemed to happen overnight one day last week, the months of silent mornings suddenly transformed by their calls and songs and busy-ness. I was surprised how much I missed them. Surely growing green things can’t be far behind.