Signing off for a while

Oh man, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I got a bit of a shock when I looked at my blog and found that the last entry was July 23rd! Good Lord, where did the last six weeks go?

Well, I got married in August, for one thing. We snuck off to Vienna and had a very romantic elopment, my wonderful Laird and I.

For another, no sooner had we returned from honeymoon than my new job hit me with all the ferocity of a perfect storm. It’s a great job, I love it actually, but the hours and workload could kill a horse. Today was my first day off since my honeymoon. My poor husband…

And my puppy, my darling Jake, is dying. He’s been my best friend and has seen me through some pretty serious dramas over the last 14 years, and now I need to spend some time getting him, and me, ready for our goodbye. It will be soon.

So, dear readers, what I’m trying to say is that I’m calling this break official. I’m giving myself some guilt-free space, and wil be back in January. In the meantime, I refer you to these marvellous blogs for your botanical fix:

The Human Flower Project
Botany Photo of the Day

They will take good care of you in my absence.  🙂

Bye for now


3 thoughts on “Signing off for a while

  1. Sandy,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Jake. I remember reading about him in many of your entries.
    I’m also elated to hear that you are now married with a new job. Congratulations indeed!
    I wish you nothing but the best!


  2. Sandy, my heart goes out to you. Bless Jake, and bless you. He has loved you because you were his protector and his soul-mate, and now you will be easing him out of this life so he won’t suffer. I speak from personal experience. As much as it will hurt you, and as guilty as you will feel, always remember that you did what was best for him. All my truly best wishes, Darlene


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