Don’t mess with da mushrooms

FungusGet this — plants can be downright violent:

"A number of different scenarios may unfold when two fungal mycelia meet. If the two fungi are of the same species, they might mate. If they have already mated, then they often reach a kind of compromise, and a stand-off ensues, with neither advancing into the other’s territory. If fungi of different species meet – and in British woods there are hundreds of different species – battle commences with one eventually gaining the upper hand and advancing into the opponent’s territory. Sometimes there will be stalemate if both are equally adept fighters."

We’re talking about mushrooms here, people.

One thought on “Don’t mess with da mushrooms

  1. That’s right you are talking about mushrooms, which are fungi, not plants and your heading should read ‘fungi [not plants] can be downright violent’


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