Fish have feelings too…

PETA is at it again, ruffling fur, feathers, and scales with its latest attempt to persuade the public that fish are sentient creatures.

Img_2140Reminds me of the boat trip we took in Madeira. The captain showed us an area just offshore where divers can swim, pet and feed some very large and very old Trigger Fish by hand. But whenever a swimmer came through without bubbling oxygen tanks, the fish would scurry into hiding. They had figured out the difference between friendly scuba divers and spear fishermen.

Ok, they’re "just" fish. But for heaven’s sake, who has ever actually communicated with a fish and determined conclusively that they don’t feel pain? That’s just silly.

Just because we’re eating them, doesn’t mean we have to make them suffer. That goes for all of the world’s edible critters.

Link: Fish Empathy Project argues they’re smarter than they look.