Looking for wartime gardening stories

The January 2004 ICanGarden.com Newsletter contains an interesting article about someone who is looking for gardening stories from the 1939-1945 era:

“During the years of WW1 and WW2, Canadian gardeners were asked to support the war effort by planting gardens to produce food for the war effort. I believe part of the program was called Patriotism and Production , and was an organized effort to help the Canadian war effort by food production both rural and urban.

I am looking for information and stories, and any other information I can find about this time in our Canadian gardening history. I am also interested in any organizations which participated in the program and perhaps grew out of it.

Anyone with stories or resources about the WORLD WAR I – CANADA FOOD BOARD and the Canadian War Poster Collection I would love to hear from them in particular. If you have a story to share, a memory, a picture, particularly media releases (newspapers, flyers) , I would appreciate the opportunity to learn more. If you know of Canadian resources about wartime gardening I would be very excited to locate them.

I am gathering this information for personal interest, although I may eventually create a display for our local Agricultural Fair Archive and Museum if I find enough information. I am also interested in learning
more about the school gardening program across Canada and its roots and history. This is an intriguing time in the history of gardening in Canada and our national development. Thanks for sharing your information and any resources you may have.”

Contact Ann Marie at allena@rogers.com if you can help her with this.