Blooms in sub-zero temperatures

Thank goodness for my grow room… I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t look at green growing things for months on end. It’s still very cold, and a fair bit of snow on the ground. I went outside at lunchtime, and when I returned my face was so red I looked like I had a sunburn. Ah well… there are blooms in my grow room, as well as on my cheeks.

The first spike on the Burr. Nelly Isler finished a while ago, and it since has put out another inflorescence and bloomed again.

The gigantic Phal. Orchid World ‘Joe’ that I bought from John Marcotte is starting to bloom on four old spikes and two new ones. It has a sweet fragrance and is a stunning plant.

And finally, a pretty pink Geranium that my friend Atilla gave me this summer has two long-lasting flowers. I have visions of propogating this plant and covering my deck with geraniums next summer.

I checked the worm bin the other night, and topped it up with damp paper (I regularly raid the shredders at work and lug bags of the stuff home on the subway) and plant clippings. Lotsa squiggly critters in there, so they must be happy. The bin is half full of worm compost already.

And aphids. Another healthy crop of aphids, unfortunately, on many of my orchid plants. I’ve been warned to be aggressive about terminating these pests, as they carry virus’ from one plant to another. Time to get the Neem oil and insecticidal soap out again… and maybe leave it out this time so I remember to spray again in a few days.