Relatively quiet week

I finally got my car back from the garage after that deer ran into my car. Luckily there was no mechanical damage, but the body work was $500 (on a car that’s probably only worth $1000). C’est la vie, but not the end of unfortunate encounters. Earlier this week, Mousepad the cat was jumped by the miserable cat creature that lives downstairs. The following morning he was a pathetic thing, dragging his hind leg around and mewling. I was a bit alarmed that he couldn’t put any weight on his paw, so off to the vet. Fortunately, he was sent right home ($100) later with a shot of antibiotics and some pills I’m supposed to force down his throat every morning. He’s much better now, and much more willing to be petted since I found (and pulled) a large claw out of the back of his head.

I gave away a bunch of houseplants last night, to make rooom for more orchids in my light stand. The trichopilia suavis ‘Doris’ I bought at the big sale is struggling a bit, trying to adjust to its new environment. It was inexpensive because it was stressed to begin with, but I sent a couple of pictures to John just to make sure I wasn’t killing it. Here’s what he told me:

“Don’t worry about your plant.  All is well and doing fine.  That last remaining green leaf and the new growth coming up from it should not have any problems…
Everybody likes to, but don’t let yourself be tempted to dig around the new growth to see if there are any new roots.  They will be there and you will certainly at least, bruise them.  That plant cannot take any more setbacks.  Just be patient and let it do its’ thing and recover in peace. “

In the grow room, the spikes on the cattleya portia are starting to break out of their sheaths, and I expect I’ll have blooms next week. The stanhopea looks like it has similar plans. I’ll post pictures when it happens.