The great Hamilton Orchid sell-off

I hear through the grapevine that it’s still worth the trip out to John Marcotte’s greenhouse to pick up some interesting and beautiful orchids at less than half-price. Go! I’ve been doing my best to hold up the side and as a result I now have so many orchids, I swear (Brownie’s honour) that I’ll never need to buy another orchid again. Or for a while, at least 😉

The great Hamilton orchid sell-off takes place every day from 1pm to 5pm at 1592 CENTRE RD., RR#2 HAMILTON, ONTARIO (about 1.2km north of the village of Carlisle), until everything is gone. He is selling his greenhouse and equipment as well.

From the 401, go south on #6 Hwy., or from the QEW- (Hamilton 403), go north on #6 Hwy. Turn east onto Carlisle Rd. (at Stoplights). Then, turn north (left) onto Centre Rd. (at Stop sign) and look for 1592 Centre Rd. on the east (right) side.