I’m back, and the garden

I’m back, and the garden is looking awesome. It’s a lush tropical/vegetable smorgasborg of green. The red morning glories cover the entire north side of the deck in a thick mat, punctuated by the red kisses of the blooms. The nasturtiums have gone wild, the red and jalapeno peppers are loaded down with fruit, and even the recently acquired Scotch Bonnets are blooming. One white rose. The Queen of the Night has five buds, and perhaps a dozen more just starting to come. I’ve just tied in long healthy new branches of the bougainvillea, and the Escargot and Angel Wing begonias are tall and strong.

On it goes — I’m thrilled. Thrilled, and sad, because it’s time to prepare the back room for winter, and to start bringing most of my plants indoors. Summer is almost over, the night chill will soon go too deep for most of the tropicals to stand. Summer has come – and gone – so quickly, and I can’t help but feel wistful that just when everything is at its best, it’s close to being over for another year.