The Grandaddy of garden how-to books

I’m kinda excited to learn more about an old book that I bought from an American on eBay last winter. The fellow seemed pleased that the book was "going home". Turns out it’s quite a famous publication and a nice piece of Canadiana.

Beadle, Delos W.
Canadian Fruit, Flower and Kitchen Gardener.
Toronto: James Campbell, 1872.

"D.W. Beadle, the son of nurseryman Chauncey Beadle, was the first editor of the Canadian Horticulturist. As such he was an appropriate person to put together this very detailed guide dedicated to the Fruit Growers’ Association of Ontario and supported by them. Not surprisingly, it includes much advice on the cultivation of fruits and the way to successfully sustain an orchard. For many years it was the only English-language, comprehensive text on gardening in the Canadian climate."

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