Balcony garden update

Images of my deck garden:

The tall plant in the back is Cyperus Alternifolius, in bloom. In front, a huge spider plant, boxes of herbs (mint, basic, catnip, thyme, oregano), and a mixed container featuring Monarda with a bad case of powdery mildew.

The snap peas are finished, replaced with sweet pea and morning glory. The eggplant and sweet red peppers are starting to fruit, and the nasturtium is a bit past it’s prime and has had a haircut. It will pick up again once the cooler weather returns in the fall.

In the centre, a white climbing rose, a clematis, and morning glory are battling for air rights. Morning glory seems to be winning. To the right, a jungle of herbs, Johnny Jump-Up, tuberous begonia, sweet peas, some sweet potato vine (thanks to a couple of sprouting tubers that never quite made it to the dinner plate), and assorted houseplants fill the space.

Knee-high sweet peas suffered a bit during my two week vacation, but seem to be making a comeback. Wave petunias cascade over the side of the railing.

English ivy is starting to climb up the sundial, surrounded by some interesting Begonia Rex plants that I brought home from Vancouver, as well as some ferns, and double pink impatiens. Hanging above is a staghorn fern that has doubled in size since last year, and is thriving in the humid weather.

My $20 flea market find (a “greenhouse” sold by Lee Valley Tools for $60) has been put to good use as a secure, zipped up anti-racoon security zone at night. None of my orchids are doing well after a traumatic spring of cold weather and racoon vandalism, but there is new growth and I’d say they’re making a comeback.

A heritage sweet pea, and bougainvillea.

Clematis, duking it out with morning glory.

The utility zone — a bbq, recycling boxes, critter-proof garbage bins, and the hose are swallowed up by greenery, in a nice way. The Queen of the Night (though hard to see, it’s against the wall beside the Cyperus) has two — count ’em, two!! — buds. Some orchids and smaller epiphyllums are hanging out of harm’s way.

A gorgeous and very old orchid cactus, a favourite of Mrs. Brown’s and now a treasured memory of her. Above, some impatiens, some very small orchids that you probably can’t see, and behind, an asparagus fern.

Mousepad, my very talkative and very loveable cat who thinks he’s a dog. I now know just how hard it is to photograph a black cat, let alone a black cat that won’t stand still.