A few orchids that have

A few orchids that have bloomed for me this winter & spring (perhaps in response to my telepathic abuse):

Phal_taigold_brovic Phal. Tapei Gold “Goldstar” x Phal. Brother Victory. A nice reliable plant. No fuss, no muss, and gorgeous blooms. It kept growing while the rest of my phals raised many objections to a summer outdoors. See if I let them outside ever again!
Phal_sonoma Phalaenopsis Sonoma. I bought it in bloom last fall, and it just won`t quit. Scared of me, I bet.
Zygoneria Adelaide Meadows. Smells heavenly, and a good sport. I dragged this one all the way home on an airplane from Vancouver in sub-zero February weather, then moved it to semi-hydro. The blooms stuck around for a month, unlike Hanne Popow
Phrag_hanne_popow Phrag. Hanne Popow. I bought this one in bud, and it gave me two pretty pink blooms. Then the darned thing called it a day. Probably needs some time to adjust after I moved it out of bark to semi-hydro. It`s putting out new growth from the base right now.
Phrag_don_wimber Phrag. Don Wimber. Two nice branches, but having some trouble with colour break on the blooms. Some are perfect, some are twisted like an old man with a sore tooth. It`s in bark and sitting in a bit of water, but I`ll move it to semi-hydro as soon as it finishes blooming. This little fellow is a bit disconcerting at first — the flowers pop off when they`re still pristine, just before the next bud opens. Maybe this one should be called Hanne Pop-off.