Grow Your Own Bouttonieres

A new, low cost way to grow from seed: In yer bellybutton

Talk about indoor gardening!


Belly Button Plant

Last September I went alone on a canoe trip. On the very first day my canoe turned over in a rapid and I lost some of my equipment in the water. Fortunately, I managed to save my camping gear and my food. But I lost all my spare clothes. So I knew I would have to wear the same outfit for the rest of the trip. Six days later, I was finally back home. The first thing I wanted to do was to change clothes and take a shower. But when I took off my sweater, to my amazement, I could see something sticking out of my belly button! I couldn’t believe it: something was growing in there! I immediately grabbed my camera, went outside and began taking shots. Then I proceeded to carefully remove the seedling from my belly button: I could now see it was actually rooted in some fuzz! Now, I can understand how some belly button lint could have accumulated over a week. But what are the chances for a seed to get its way in there, germinate and then grow so fast? I’ve never heard of anything like that in my whole life! Well, I guess that seed found everything it needed in my belly button: lint as a growth medium, moisture from sweat and splashes, warmth from my body heat, and some sunlight throught my loosely knit sweater. I kept the seedling afterwards in a mini bouquet vase. I watered the rootball everyday. It nevertheless died a few days later.

–Stephan M. Montreal, Quebec, Canada