The Epic Adventures of the Garden Statuary

I’m a sucker for cement things and other assorted kinds of garden art. Knowing that, my loved ones have contributed to the population explosion of eccentric characters on my deck. I swear one night they’ll come alive and attempt a coup d’etat. Better yet, they’ll mobilize and stage a counter-attack when that pesky raccoon knocks one of them over one too many times….

I can see it now. The fountain fairies and dragonfly sundial will do aerial divebombing, the big sundial will used as advanced weaponry, the pig will charge, the windman will blow as hard as he can, and Inukshuk (made of bricks collected from the shores of Lake Ontario) will hold the territory and show the raccoon the way to the door. Deborah will pray for peace and Buddha will cheer our success. Mr Raccoon may think he’s a cartoon action hero, but he’s got nothing on my garden thingies.