I think someone was potted when they wrote this…

Laird will tell you that I’m a great consumer of anything remotely related to royal gossip, so I jumped on this one:

DeadBrain – Prince Charles’s potted plants to move out of Clarence House:

“Several organically-grown potted plants at Clarence House, the official residence of the official Prince Charles, are to separate from the Prince for unspecified reasons, DeadBrain has learned.

Prince Charles is known to converse frequently with his plants. However, rumours that the plants are unhappy in the relationship have been flying wildly in unspecified circles in the past few days. “

I’m delighted with the hard-hitting journalism on the Royals, like this article of Nov. 7th:

“DeadBrain has learned that key members of the Royal Family are to issue a blanket denial of any allegations of wrongdoing that might possibly not be published for legal reasons at any time in the future. “