Canada has it’s own Phrag scandal too

Ahh, how refreshing to hear of orchids hijinx closer to home, this time concerning Phragmipedium tetzlaffianum

Canada has it’s own Phrag scandal too!!

$2500 penalty and conviction for illegally exporting orchid

ST. THOMAS, ON, Sept. 26 /CNW/ – Allan Norman Tetzlaff pled guilty in the
Ontario Court of Justice, St. Thomas, Ontario, to illegally exporting a rare
and endangered species of orchid from Canada to Germany via the United States
and England. Mr. Tetzlaff was ordered to pay a total of $3,125 for this
infraction. This represents a fine of $2,500 plus a 25% victim surcharge of

Allan Tetzlaff, resident of Port Stanley, Ontario, was charged by
Environment Canada under section 6(2) of the Wild Animal and Plant Protection
and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act. It is alleged
that the orchid, now named “Phragmipedium tetzlaffianum”, was unknown at the
time and was smuggled out of Canada for the purpose of identification. The
offence occurred in October 2000 but did not come to the attention of wildlife
officers until January 2003.

Environment Canada’s wildlife officers were alerted to the export of the
orchid via a complaint which alleged that Mr. Tetzlaff openly boasted of his
efforts to illegally smuggle the plant to Germany while conducting a
presentation to orchid enthusiasts in western Canada.

This species of Phragmipedium orchid is believed to have originated in
Venezuela. These orchids are listed as rare and endangered species (Appendix
I) in the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild
Fauna and Flora (CITES). Trade and movement of this species is strictly
controlled via an export and import permit system.