Smart, they are…

Once in a while I come across an article and it makes me think, "Damn! I should be blogging that."

Well, this is a good one. A serious article on plant intelligence, one that doesn’t involve 60’s flower power and fairies in the garden:

"…extraordinary new findings on how plants investigate and respond to
their environments are part of a sprouting debate over the nature of
intelligence itself."

and more,

"…the late Nobel Prize-winning plant geneticist Barbara McClintock called
plant cells "thoughtful." Darwin wrote about root-tip "brains." Not
only can plants communicate with each other and with insects by coded
gas exhalations, scientists say now, they can perform Euclidean
geometry calculations through cellular computations and, like a peeved
boss, remember the tiniest transgression for months."

Anyone who is an orchid enthusiast will nod along with the article and say, "yes, I knew that. I’m aware that those clever little buggers have me wrapped around their inflorescence." Kind of like a dog owner who knows, just knows, that their pooches have emotions. It doesn’t require a scientist to state the obvious, but it’s nice to have it validated anyway.

Full story:

New research opens a window on the minds of plants
– CSM March 3rd edition

New orchids discoveries

“Scientists from the conservation nonprofit WWF discovered the flower, along with at least seven other new species of orchid, in the tropical rain forests of Papua New Guinea.”

National Geographic News

“Now conservationists have made a discovery that would make any orchid hunter weep with joy – up to 28 new species of the flower. Eight of them are already confirmed as brand new plants that have never been seen before.”

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