The Toronto Community Garden Network

The Toronto Community Garden Network e-newsletter showed up in my in-box today, and as usual it’s chock full of interesting information and local events. One particular entry caught my eye: An upcoming Bioneers conference in the Distillery District of Toronto from October 17th to 19th. I’ve never heard the term “bioneer” before, and I like it! I browsed their Web site and came across another group that’s new to me, and on the basis of the name alone I want to be a member: Unreasonable Women for the Earth!

Check out “You Know You’re an Unreasonable Woman When….”. God bless my friends Deb, Joanna, Carole, Meegan, and Annahid, the most unreasonable women I know (and love, and admire).

Anyway, if you’d like to subscribe to the TCGN e-newsletter (you won’t regret it), send an email to Laura Berman or Zora Ignjatovic at the Toronto Community Garden Network at cgnetwork@foodshare(dot)net.