The hegemony of chemically green lawns… we need a new kind of beautiful

This is why I feel strongly that biology and landscaping need to intersect to create a new kind of beautiful for homeowners.

“If you’ve got just lawn grass, you’ve got nothing,” said Mace Vaughan of the Xerces Society, a leading organization in insect conservation. “But as soon as you create a front yard wildflower meadow you go from an occasional honeybee to a lawn that might be full of 20 or 30 species of bees and butterflies and monarchs.”

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Could they “bee” wrong?

65 million years ago, a giant asteroid hit Mexico and set off "nuclear winter" type climate conditions that is thought to have killed off the dinosaurs and most of life on earth.

Or so the story goes.

But if that’s the case, scientists are wondering how tropical honeybees managed to survive. It should have been too cold for them, and the flowers they survived on.

Was there a "nuclear winter", after all?

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