That bike’s a bit small for you, Mr. Tree

vashonbiketree2bigNow this is quite a sight: A rusty old bicycle engulfed by a tree being carried upward in the trunk as the tree grows taller. It’s apparently a familiar site to residents of Washington State in the US, where the tree is a bit of a tourist attraction on Vashon Island. But it’s a new one on me.

And apparently, not unique. There’s another bicycle tree in Scotland, in the village of  Brig o’ Turk.

It occupies a spot close to the old smiddy (smithy), and local folklore
has it that the village blacksmith was in the habit of propping up or
hanging various articles, which were then forgotten about and gradually
absorbed by the ‘ironivorous’ tree.

This reminds me of Old Man Willow in Lord of the Rings, who swallowed up the the hobbits when they leaned against his cranky old self for an afternoon nap.

I sure hope no one’s riding those bikes.

Photo by
Jody Boyman – Red Ranger Came Calling