Random list of things to do before I…

What with all this passing away business going on around me, I’ve been thinking lately about things I would do in my life if I had the motivation or money… but mostly motivation. Things I would really enjoy doing. And I’m afraid none of them include playing naked frisbee with you in the Englischer Gartens, Laird.

Here’s one: Learn to become a real gardener at Kew’s School of Horticulture, or even better, take the Wisley Diploma in Practical Horticulture. All in England, of course. Gardener’s Mecca.

I’m still interested in that Barking Frogs Permaculture course after all these years, even if their website is a mess.

I’d ride my bicycle around Germany and France, and Tuscany. Take off for 6 months or a year and be a bicycle gypsy.

I’d build a little home somewhere with some property — good land for a garden and a nice view. Just a little place, with solar panels and a woodstove and a rain barrel, and a covered veranda with big Adirondack chairs to sink into during thunderstorms. And high-speed internet access, of course. If I end up living in a tool shed in the middle of an allotment garden, don’t be too shocked. There are pretty schwanky-looking cottages here in Munich’s allotment gardens.

I’d cover my house with clematis. All kinds of clematis, every kind of clematis. Love the clematis.

That’s my humble list for tonight. Kayaking in the Queen Charlotte Islands in B.C. is still on my life list of things to do. But then, so was living in Europe about 5 years back. Now look at me. You just never know.

Oh, and write a book. Add that too.