Stoat encounter

StoatI saw one of these cute little creatures on my way through the graveyard the other day. It’s a shortcut to the subway station… Anyway, a movement caught my eye, and at first I thought it was a mouse but then I realized that the teeny tiny little critter poking it’s head out from under a tombstone was a Stoat, also known as an Ermine. He obviously had places to go and people to see, but though I stopped and stood very still he wasn’t too happy with my rubbernecking. He finally gathered his courage and made a dash across the snow to find cover under another stone.

He was really cute, and much smaller than I imagined.

4 thoughts on “Stoat encounter

  1. Hi Sandy!
    I just came to visit you rblog through your friend April šŸ˜‰
    Such a cute stoat! I love their fur colour. i actually have a ferret at home here, hehe.
    Greetings to Munich!


  2. Hello I am curious as to whether you took the photograph of the stoat? Partly because I think someone on a community site I manage has been using other peoples work and claiming it as theres. If this is the case it will be removed.


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