Snow much to say today

We got a doozy of a snowstorm yesterday – 70 cm, I don’t know what that is in inches but I can tell you it’s about hip deep. We took Jake out this morning and I had so much fun in the snow I found an excuse to stay outdoors. I started to clear some paths, and was soon joined by a few more apartment dwellers who just couldn’t stay indoors. The rest of ’em watched us out their windows, enjoying the comical sight of us trying to clear snow with one old-fashioned wooden shovel, a garden edger, and a yellow plastic bucket. The housemeister from the building next door eventually took pity on us and took over with his fancy snowblower, so we turned our attention to knocking snow off the tree branches and garden shrubs. I sent more than a couple of mini-avalanches down the back of my neighbours’ necks, a brought a bird down too. The poor thing’s wings were frozen to its back, but everyone was nervous about touching it because of the bird flu. I reluctantly left it to Mother Nature to deal with, and filled up the bird feeder as penance instead.

Speaking of penance, it’s Lent, and last Tuesday was Faschingdienstag – Germany’s version of Mardi Gras – in the market. What a hoot. Check out the pictures…

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