Pedalling along

This summer we’ve taken to biking in a big way. Munich and surrounding areas is cycling heaven — miles and miles of bike paths, subways and trains that easily accomodate bicycles, and gorgeous scenery within easy striking distance on a weekend. Not that the cycling isn’t just as good IN the city.

Last weekend we took the S-Bahn (a regional train) to Starnberg See (Lake), and had a fabulous day cycling around the lake. We had planned to bike half-way round, lounge on the beach, and then take the ferry back, but unfortunately a bit too much lounging was had and we missed the ferry. The end result was that we clocked a record-breaking (for us) 50km on our bikes in one day. Still, we fit in some swimming and a number of stops along the way at the beer gardens (it was VERY hot!), and a great meal in a tiny and ancient village at an inn overlooking the lake and alps. Wow.

I bike a lot in town during the week as well, and during this hot spell it’s given me first hand experience of the concept of global warming. We live in a forested area with streams and rivers, but it’s only 3km away from what I would call the "real" city. At night, it’s cool and comfortable at our place, but my friends who live in the "city" complain that the heat is impossibly uncomfortable, night and day. I can see why; biking along the path, I can feel the blast of heat off the buildings and cars and concrete the minute I leave our canopy of trees.

If it make that much difference in such a small area, imagine the effects multiplied millions of times over the entire planet.