Demanding adolescents

Those woodpeckers weren’t squabbling after all. I woke up to a huge racket on the balcony this morning, and a peek through the window revealed three woodpeckers: One on the railing, one inside the bird feeder, and one hanging on to the trellis just to the side of the feeder. That one, an adolescent, was squawking up a high-pitched storm.

Inside the feeder, Mama busily alternated between bobbing noisily for seed, then bobbing it into the youngster’s (who was as big as she was) mouth. The cries stopped while he swallowed, then started right back up again.

Demanding little bugger!

One thought on “Demanding adolescents

  1. I have a woodpecker that has found that he like the sound he makes when he drums on the old metal gutters of the house behind us.


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