Orchid Conservation Forum

If you’re an orchid lover, here’s a link that you should should definitely check out: The Phytosophy Forum

It’s a new discussion list, with a very worthwhile philosophy:

horticulturists, scientists, and lovers of flowering plants, and
particularly those of the orchid family, believing that more active
measures should be taken by those interested in advancing the
conservation and culture of plants, and to secure for them the
appreciation to which they are entitled, do hereby associate ourselves
together for the purpose of aiding in every possible way the
conservation, trade, and improvement by cultivation and breeding; the
influence by debate, lobby, lecture, and publications of useful
information concerning plants, and the extension of knowledge,
production, propagation, and habitat preservation of these plants.

Another reason to visit: The photo gallery contains an amazing collection of photos of different varieties of Thelmytras (an Australian orchid species).