About that sling thing

Sloth2_1The Human Flower Project gave me a nice plug the other day.

Here’s a closer look at that "live-sloth sling":

Velcro needs a new category… "So Ugly It’s Cute". I wasn’t just being a nice guy, either. Cuddling this critter in 100 degree humidity in the middle of a tropical jungle with no fridge or electricity was a classic study in mutualistic symbiosis. The two-toed sloth’s metabolism is sssoooo slllooowww that holding him was the next best thing to pressing an ice-cube against my neck.

Hi to Ray and Velcro at Dolphin Quest in Costa Rica!

One thought on “About that sling thing

  1. Dear P-trix,
    Thanks for the acknowledgment and sloth close-up. I thought sloths had three toes, and I thought chin-slings were heating not cooling.
    Revelations aplenty.


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