Good newbie orchid advice

Someone posted this second-hand to the Orchid Digest list, and it contains some very good advice for would-be and beginner orchid enthusiasts:

  • E-Bay
    is a good place to get things that interest you as long as you are
    willing to take a chance on getting a rotting weed from an unscrupulous
  • Home Depot’s death table is not a good deal at any time.  Unless
    of course, it is a REALLY good bargain and it looks like it might have
    half a chance.
  • If you have only one orchid that someone gave you, do not promise
    to get it a “companion” if it is so kind as to bloom again.  There is
    no such thing as owning two orchid plants – there is one, or there is
    the path to perdition.  Of course, maybe after the first one it is
    already too late.
  • I learned that I need to find new homes for the plants with
    less-desirable qualities.  My space ran out long ago and I need to
    recapture it.  Out with the deformed, non-blooming, sickly, and
    less-than-gorgeous.  In with plants that have beautiful, fragrant and
    long-lasting blooms.

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