Bring back the bunnies!

The bunnies are missing on Holy Island, and the orchids want them back:

"The rabbit population completely collapsed three or four years ago and as a result the grassland vegetation has grown longer and longer. The flowers, such as the Lindisfarne Helleborine orchid, get swamped and would eventually disappear if we did not introduce some sort of grazing system ourselves."

It’s always interesting to note the comments of orchid experts who understand this stuff. One member of the Orchid Digest remarks:

"…rabbits were introduced to the British Isles by the Normans.  So, either the Helleborine colonized Lindisfarne sometime after 1066, or it it was able to survive in the absence of rabbits."

Another responds:

"Or the species didn’t exist before 1066, and it’s precursor has speciated over the last ~ 900 years by adapting to an environment with rabbits."

Another island — I think it’s called Australia — might be willing to ship a few their way.