What would they have done with the Great Lakes?

One of China’s largest lakes has dried up. It used to be 13 feet deep and cover 15,000 acres; now it’s gone. Drought started it, farmers and human inhabitants ended it.

It boggles the mind.


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One of north China’s largest lakes dries up

BEIJING (AFP) Dec 22, 2004

One of north China’s largest lakes has dried up, threatening the survival of rare birds, state media said Wednesday.

Nur lake, in Hebei province neighboring Beijing, was once four meters
(13 feet) deep and covered 6,000 hectares (14,820 acres), the Xinhua
news agency said.

But continuous drought and over-exploitation of
water by the Bashang area of nearby Zhangjiakou city caused the lake to
dry up, Xinhua said.

Lack of water in the lake will likely endanger 10,000 hectares of surrounding grassland, local residents said.

centuries the lake also served as a major habitat of birds and fish,
including some rare species of aquatic birds, the report said.

The area was an imperial summer resort and hunting ground more than 1,000 years ago.